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New York, Je t'aime

Like the compendium of vignettes in the newly released film, New York, I love you, my eating activities on my weekend back in my beloved town was precisely like that: a little bit downtown and a little bit of uptown. Eric and I started in Tribeca, the old high school ‘hood– walking past Terry’s where [...]

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Godzilla burgers

The Whopper has a special place in my heart. Despite being extremely handicapped in terms of quality and flavor (unless you count the flavor of Heinz, the perennial hallmark of all fast food burgers,) the Burger King Whopper represents my Saturdays between the age of 11 and 14, where my father would futilely educate me [...]

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New New New York Times critic

Clearly I have been hibernation too long from the food corner of the vast ‘net, because October 14th (my last update prior to entering exam purgatory and a cocoon of uni obligations) coincided with the release of Sam Sifton’s first review as the official Restaurant Critic, successor to Frank Bruni. I greet this new guy [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Houston's

I had been meaning to go to Houston’s/Hillstone for a few weeks (for food, for career research, for writing), so I lured Larissa into being my partner in crime with promises of expensive wine and Frank Bruni (departing NYT critic) approved burgers, and it wasn’t until last Monday 5pm, did we go on our restauranting [...]

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Cereal: I am so confused

If I had to predict, 70% of students (seniors/juniors who have kitchens and no college meal plan; slumming it in the real world) earlier this morning, rolled out of bed, and poured themselves a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Maybe even jazzed it up with some milk. Inhaled that crunchy, slightly soggy, sugary delight. I [...]

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Cooking style: The lazy chef

Cooking style: The lazy chef

The extent of my culinary training is eating a lot, occasionally watching my mother cook (in a peripheral, attention-deficit way– mentally wandering far from the preparations happening before my unfocused eyes), and indulging in a little baking thrice a year (on a good year.) Professional cooking: the balletic dicing of peppers, filleting of a sea [...]

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Confessions of a hater

While I forget what situation it was in when I encountered this statement that slowly integrated itself into my life philosophy, it redefined my perception of hate and what the word means to me: “People hate the things and attributes that they can also see in themselves.” I can’t help but see how it manifests [...]

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