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An empire state of mind

Part two of New York, Je t’aime (Part I here) These are the two places that would be found if I were to dissect the stomach of the greatest city in the world and peer straight into its folds: Sundays are brunch days: chefs with higher culinary aspirations relegated to arranging plates of fruit, yogurt [...]

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Anxiety Baking

(Delicious) Apricot-Oatmeal Bar Crunchy, buttery, gooey reminder of summer all packed into self-defined bite size. For lovers of crusts, the slight tang of apricot, and those who are procrastinating on doing anything but what they’re supposed to, this apricot-oatmeal bar is quick and guiltless until you realize that half of it is gone; but by [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Bar Lola

If there are any college students still dating, a tapas bar is the perfect date spot; and a social reflection of our comparison-shopping tendencies, truncated attention spans, and a life of overwhelming choices. The tapas bar is a restaurant manifestation of the non-exclusive standard of love. Eating many little meals means you never have to [...]

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Mac and Cheese takedown taken-down

Cooked, went, distributed, and conquered the Mac and Cheese takedown today (Nov. 15) at Great Scott, and here’s a one giant, self-congratulatory, spoiler about the conclusion: My Mac and Cheese-hurriedly-entitled, “Jenny’s Mac and Cheese: Asian invasion,” won 2nd place people’s choice!!! It was my first time ever entering a food competition (and my fourth time [...]

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Throwing it down

November 15th, this weekend, I, along with other food-loving Bostonians, will be at the Great Scott (@ Harvard Ave.,) to parlay our culinary skills and pride into a Macaroni and Cheese steel-cage death match. $10 for all you can eat cheesy, buttery, crunchy, creamy, and whatever wizardry the lovable Mac can be interpreted into. Don’t [...]

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Boston Tea Party, a sequel

Boston Tea Party, a sequel

Last night, a few friends and I decided to cook some simple Japanese cuisine (tempura, udon, spam-musubi, gyouza,) so Tyler drove us down to Super 88, the closest Asian supermarket on Commonwealth Ave near Boston University. Although most of the food at Super 88 is as close to authentic as it gets without being in [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Snake Bites

Snake Bites By: Jenny Liu Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009 In Halloweens previous, I had roped my friends into going trick-or-treating with me. But after several embarrassing encounters, wherein the candy-dispensing parents would slyly ask us, “So how old are you all?” I decided to find other ways to fulfill the needs of my inner [...]

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