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Orinoco: the entrance

Thursdays in the Heights: Orinoco

Orinoco’s Delicious Latin Flavor Is A Steal By Jenny Liu Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 There are some restaurants that I believe could easily charge a higher price for their food without customers complaining, and I suspect that Orinoco may be one of them. The entrance is set back in a thick curtain, but once [...]

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Helmand: Pumpkin Kaddo

Be still my heart

On Eric’s visit last weekend, we ate up Boston. Ate it all up. The experience was akin to those multiple orgasms that leaves you dizzy from all the blood rushing away from the brain towards more sensual organs, like the stomach. I want to go back to languishing at: Orinoco in Brookline (Venezuelan), Helmand in [...]

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tape your mouth shut

40 days and 40 nights

Not eating out in Boston I am: a severe glutton, and attending a Catholic-affiliated university. I am not: Catholic. Nor an industrious kitchen wench. Sabrina and Jessica separately pointed me to  Not Eating Out In NY within the same day. I took this as a cosmic sign that maybe there was something a little excessive [...]

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Armaggedon Burger

Thursday in the Heights: The Armaggedon Burger

The Armageddon Burger By Jenny Liu Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 It is your last meal on earth. In these hours of armageddon, what will you eat? I contemplated this for a while, and after toying with the concept of combining filet mignon, foie gras, and caviar into one expensive last stand, I instead determined [...]

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I love my vajayjay

It can get me $5 Filet Mignon, Delmonico rib-eye, lobster orecchiette, and goat cheese mashed potatoes. But… Aw, now I gotta pay for a $3 water. Vie de merde.

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cafe japonaise

A dessert a day

It’s true what they say about sugar. It’s addictive, and your body craves more once you start. The trick is to never start, impossible!, or intake very limited amounts. I rarely drink sodas and juices (though not for this reason), sticking to teas (chai, jasmine, oolong), which normally tempers these terribly unhealthy pangs of want. [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Best Ramen in Boston

Who Prevails In The Japanese Ramen Battle? By Jenny Liu Published: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 The master sagely directs, “First, observe the whole bowl. Savor the aroma, jewels of fat glistening on the surface, shinachiku roots shining, seaweed slowly sinking, spring onions floating. Concentrate on the three pork slices. They play the key role but [...]

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Cheese log 1.0

Chaumes Cow’s milk; Southwest France Mild, creamy, has a tangerine-orange soft rind with little speckles of white like dandruff. Chaumes is very squishy (texturally similar to epoisses), it is almost runny– the same sensation as spreading jam over your crackers or licking a frozen custard. The smell and taste is mild enough that it won’t [...]

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