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Thursdays in the Heights: Blue Asia Cafe

To be honest, I almost did not write about Blue Asia Cafe for my last-ever restaurant review for The Heights. I was looking into something more Boston: hot dogs, lobster rolls, maybe an Italian joint near Harvard Ave that was more affordable than the North End could provide for BC students. As luck would have [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Curry in a hurry

Spicy curry with Jenny Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 In the vein of last week’s review of New Rod Dee’s remarkably delicious Thai food, I investigated how to make curry in less time than it takes to order it from a restaurant and have it delivered to you. For those of you who are subscribers [...]

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Food Porn

… No particular occasion. Click for more, yes, more

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Thursdays in the Heights: New Rod Dee Thai

New Rod Dee Brings The Heat Published: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 New Rod Dee is the youngest and, for Boston College students, the most accessible of the Rod Dee restaurants. Its location on Beacon Street near Washington Street makes it the closest to Boston College. Rod Dee, the eldest, is only a stone’s throw away [...]

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Thursdays in the Heights: Kosher eats

While I got an extended weekend for Easter holidays, my break in New York had more Jewish than Catholic undertones– with trips to Zabar, meeting gay Jewish boys named David at the Ritz, and doing absolutely nothing. The morning after a long night, I woke up to Eric making matzo brei with the most gorgeous plating, [...]

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Toro at Restaurant Week

Toro at Restaurant Week

20 plates. That’s a lot to stomach. Even for one so accustomed to the ten course meals in Chinese dining. This was Toro, in the South End, by Chef Ken Oringer (owner of Clio and Uni), who does not shy away from offal. Toro could mean “bull” in Spanish or refer to a type of [...]

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