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China: Hangzhou West Lake

Hangzhou tea and Lin’an hickory

Photomentary of lakeside banquets in Hangzhou, and driving up precarious one-way mountain roads in Lin’an at the invitation of successful hickory sweets producer, Shan Mei Zi (山妹子).

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Ni hao, zhong guo

12 hours in China, and I am already exhausted of Chinese toilets, the unhealthily reliable constant: dirty squatters, urine everywhere and no toilet paper. Even plumbing within private households blows. Strangely, dirty toilets in China smell differently from dirty toilets in America, and I am becoming conditioned to associate this unfamiliar odor to poop. Maybe [...]

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Fishing: the final product

From Sea to Plate

Eric, Max, and I boarded Captain Mike’s fishing boat at 8am on Thursday, with 3  six-packs of Honey Moon, Corona, and Sam Adam Summer Ale at Howard Beach, Queens. Our intent: to catch as many fish as we could for dinner that night. This was a real fish party. We also brought along our failed [...]

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