I just came back from the remote mountainsides, a journey sandwiched between two pearls of luxury.

The progression went like this: Staying at a 5 star hotel in Yi Chang, taking bubble baths, and eating lavish buffet breakfast platters of sweet mandarins and buttery croissants, while enjoying a sweeping panoramic view of this rapidly developing city..

Yi Chang
.. to hiking atop the mountains of Dengcun, a tiny tea village, in 10 degree Celsius, the air thick and heavy with the concentrated fragrance of tea being processed by the ton, windows open to impressive blue skies and the sinusoidal curves of stately zeniths and nadirs..


.. to riding the current fastest bullet train in the world from Wuhan to the center of Guangzhou, a city of rainbow lights, reminders of old colonial days left by the French, Dutch, and British architecture perched along the Pearl River, and man-made rivers (revamped from the old sewage foundations) streaming underneath sky passes, churning sludgy waterfalls. I while away the days at spas and mega-shopping malls, consuming dim sum at all hours.

Which is why tales of debauchery in Asia are lacking on this platform as of late, but worry not, soon I shall pen my dramatic reenactments of how we went about INVENTING A TEA, how delicious chicken offals are, and how my uncle believes that kewpie mayonnaise is salad dressing. It will be, like, my magnum opus.

BY THE WAY! You guys! Some time ago, Deb, from Travel and Tea, interviewed me for her website about my blog and my tea-scapades in China. I never realized what an extensive community that has come out culture of tea until she intro’d me to her website, which is a nexus to the most beautiful tea photographs and interviews on people in the tea industry more knowledgeable than I.

But if you support my babblings about travel, life, and tea, go read the interview on!

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