From Sea to Plate

Eric, Max, and I boarded Captain Mike’s fishing boat at 8am on Thursday, with 3  six-packs of Honey Moon, Corona, and Sam Adam Summer Ale at Howard Beach, Queens. Our intent: to catch as many fish as we could for dinner that night. This was a real fish party.

We also brought along our failed experiment: a watermelon with a one-inch hole where college-quality vodka was drained into– the mythical vodka melon. Due to lack of time, we only had 5 hours to let it stew in its bitter juices and left out on the counter on a sweltering summer night. None was eaten.

It was my first time fishing, and I surprisingly ended up hauling up a few that were too small to keep (we ain’t no child molesters) and then some. Every time something tugged on my line and I hauled it up, I gave off embarrassingly shrilly girly shrieks. IT WAS SO EXCITING. I was channeling Bear Grylls in a minor sort of way.

Holding up that 20 inch fluke was a bit repulsive– I had fish mucus coating my fingers after sticking it all the way up its gills, and the boat did not have running water. I had to lick it all off to clean myself.


But that dear little fishy, flopping around in a giant bucket of New York sea water (we fished off the coast of Staten Island and Long Island), was brought home in a plastic bag fillet’d by the boat crew (Joe!), coated in salt, pepper, egg, and bread crumbs, and transformed into a fabulous dinner of fried fish.

Tada! Fried Fluke and Sea Bass

Delicious without ketchup.

Verdict: While there were some squeamish moments in the beginning where I had yet shed my city sensibilities and my stomach roiled when fixing the minnow-baits by spearing its eyes with the hook, or when an undersized fluke was writhing on my pole with blood streaming down its wounds, or when my giant fluke leap out of its bucket (where it was sent to die) to slither around on my new shoes. But I would definitely try this again– for fugu! Shark! Blue Fin Tuna!

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  1. Stafford 09. Aug, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    You had never been fishing before? I’m glad that you finally found your inner male English explorer.

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