In the footsteps of the famous:Hubei Province

桃花嶺酒店, 宜昌

Today, I was chauffeured to Yi Chang, put up in the same hotel that Kim Jong-Il and Henry Kissinger once stayed at, and was treated to a glorious dinner personally designed by the executive chef at the hotel in a private dining room replete with an automatic Mahjong table.

What did I do in my past life to deserve this?

I bit into a fluffy shiitake mushroom only to find out that it wasn’t shiitake, but a steamed bun 饅頭 that was shaped and colored like one. There were other surprises throughout the meal:

Tang Yuan: mochi stuffed with sesame shaped to look like smooth pebbles in a dish of clear water

Quite a contrast: from slumming in an industrial town with high-school graduate factory workers to playing business games with government officials and bankers.

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