Middle America: gastronomic wasteland?

There is no diversity in Middle America.  None that the naked eye can see. It’s flat plains of corn and wheat and fields of short chunky grass mowed by cattle for miles. Then mountains for miles. But when you get up close, really close, then huge expanses of hot springs brilliantly colored by thermophytes emerge. Even in what appears to be desert, one stray human footstep can trample out an entire ecosystem that could take hundreds of years to reform.

Even while I was exploring our fruited plains of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, and Montana back in August, my eyes feasting on environmental wonders, my stomach was starving from cruel neglect. We are SPOILED in New York. New Yorkers are privileged. In New York, you can eat your way through most cultures in the world.

Optimistically reflecting, Middle America has “diversity” among its fast food. But like looking at the geographical crevices in this area, you must examine it reaaaaaallllly closely– the differences are minute. They’ve got everything!- Starbucks, McDonalds, Wendy’s … (haha, who am I kidding. Why aren’t we air-lifting food over to them?! We are monsters.)

Bison is actually among the leaner of meats (turkey is to goose, bison is to beef) It supposedly has a gamier flavor, but with the strong mix of the chili, it’s hard to tell.

The McGriddle. Syrup on the biscuit, fluffy egg. Shamefully good.

Cooked to order, this Fuddrucker burger may be one of my favorite fast food burgers, rivaling even the juicy Shake Shack chain in NYC. It’s plenty big, plenty American.

In Wyoming, after Ihop, we skipped over to Carl’s Jr. for a special $5 for 2 burgers deal for More Food. Disgusting.

The infamous KFC double down: two fried chicken holding together a millefeuille of American Cheese and sizzling bacon. Reality: Skip this sandwich and go straight for the fried chicken.

On any highway, you can expect to see what I call the Rest Stop Trinity: Fast food joint, Steakhouse, and Chinese buffet

Burger King’s Smokehouse XL with cheese, bacon, and char-grilled burger

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3 Responses to “Middle America: gastronomic wasteland?”

  1. Jenny Jin 26. Dec, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    hey! i saw this on my newsfeed lol… a reminder of all the crap we ate that week! and great photos :)

  2. Jenny Liu 26. Dec, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Not as amazing as the photos YOU took!

  3. Eric Pearson 04. Jan, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    It’s amazing midwesterners don’t all move to Japan


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