New Opening: El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon Taqueria opened a block down my college hovel a few days ago, and it wasn’t until today when I was getting some milk and bread from the convenience store next door that my roommate Erin and I decided to stand on the lengthy opening-days-line for some Mexican grub.

The decor is an upgrade from Taco Bell. I’m kidding. I’m not even going to compare the two. For those who are sticklers for authenticity, here are the tallies: the staff is Spanish, they sell the glass coke bottles that are ubiquitous south of the border (but rare, and nostalgic around these North American parts), and the food is pretty cheap, as a taqueria should be. The tortilla on my pollo taco was perfect, and much better than the ones at the taco trucks in lower Manhattan, Nueva York (which tend to be weirdly stiff sometimes). The veggies in the taco are super fresh: cold, crisp cucumber, red pickled cabbage, bits o’ onions, and wedges of lime. No cheese, no oil dripping off the tortillas, incredibly healthy, tasty food for $2.50.

The Carnita Quesadilla was boring, and the salsa that it came with was just lime, tomatoes, and a little cilantro. For $3.50, I can’t be too demanding. I later used the salsa to add flavor to my mixed spring greens salad later, so it became two meals for one. Saving money is so hot.

Looking at its yelp listing, a one commenter remarked, “REST IN PEACE. this place needs to stop burning down -2008.” The sentiments seem to be in agreement. This taqueria has burnt down twice, but I can believe it: the meat did taste like it’s got some extra char on it. Rising from its ashes, the new El Pelon settledĀ  across the notoriously inconvenient pedestrian death-trap intersection from Boston College.

Where I can stroll down at my own leisure on these sunny, 50 degree weather days. I need to give my love to those burritos n’ jarritos. Like, the El Guapo. We’ll soon see truly how handsome this bad boy is.

El Pelon
2197 Commonwealth Ave.
Brighton Ma 02135

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