New Orleans, 20 pounds later.

On our trip to New Orleans in August (part 1 here), I think that I was rendered incapable of eating anything with excess sodium and fat for a long time. To this date, my diet still consists of 70% vegetables. Not including ketchup as a vegetable.

Commander’s Palace

Potato Croquette. I'm sure there was some sort of booze-y sauce. There always is.

A demi serving of three soups: Gumbo, Turtle, and Soup du jour- Chicken dumpling

A take on L'awlin's classic pastry with SLABS of foie gras. Bourbon braised fig and foie gras beignets with vanilla cracked coffee beans, foie gras café au lait (a "coffee" with extract of foie gras). UNHOLY.

Wild fish and gigantic gulf shrimp (not affected by oil spill, obvs). The best the ocean can offer.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab - Crowned with a chilled salad of local crabmeat, baby arugula, barbecued tomato, avocado and grilled jalapeño vinaigrette. The serving was so generous, my stomach was pulsating with effort at this point. But I had to torture it just a bit more.

The finale! I am about to tap out, but had to have the entirety of their infamous Bread Pudding Souffle (Eric could not stop raving about. I've heard about this souffle since I met him. That's like, YEARS.) Of course, the chef made a sauce out of Jack Daniels. This restaurant is not for AA patrons.

Eric and I each had a “Congratulations” fancily scribbled on the top, cos we are baller. Or maybe because we had the mental fortitude and stomach willpower to finish all that food. That needs congratulating. Or maybe, because it was his birthday, and we have jobs. The staff at Commander’s Palace also reads The Economist.

A really really huge Thank You to Eric’s family for treating us to their neighborhood restaurant. I cannot believe that they have Commander’s Palace as their “neighborhood restaurant”. What’s next, like, a cocktail bar with world class mixology as their “neighborhood bar”?

Uh, actually, yes. (Not Kidding.

Innovative cocktails. The Jackson 9 is mighty fine.

Can I move to Nola pls?)


Bacon infused booze (with moonshine- classy and a little low, how I like it) It's such a cocktail fad to make bacon into some type of liquor, but I can never tire of it.

Could not leave Nola without indulging in Shrimp n' grits (with some sticky okra and loadsa cajun spices)

Airy, crispy beignets dipped in chocolate mousse and whipped cream. Had these sugary babes for brunch, and I would eat these lunch, dinner, and fourth-meal if I could.


Correctly cooked sweet breads may be my favorite offal. It's usually an amazing ratio of crispy to squishy, oooh that texture. Let me tell you, it's thyroid. Yeah, you don't want it. Give it to me.

Mad delish duck confit. Makes my tummy personify the emotion of joy.

Red fish drizzled in a light citrus sauce! with the crispiest snap peas I've had. This fish dish might even rival Jean George's skate, which is mighty good (but I've never been to Le Bernardin, master of fish dishes)

a banana split sundae, where the banana had a caramelized crust over it like a creme brulee. One of the best desserts I've ever had. To be honest, I like this better than the epic Bread Pudding Souffle at Commander's.

Acme’s Oyster House

Freshly shucked raw oyster. This was breakfast, by the way. Don't give me that look. It wasn't the first time.

Acme Oyster House, grilled oyster- with lots of cheese. I'm not in Nola to do slim fast.

There was more than this, but I think it’s better to pretend that I eat like a lady or something.

Good Bye swamps of Nola, for now!

Coming up on the list of backlogged cities I have eaten through but never talked about, but should because there’s some mind-blowing culinary talents:

Middle America: Yes, I’m clumping this into one. It’s going to be kind of low-brow. Oh, you dirty fry. You dirty, dirty, freedom fry.

Quebec City: Where I road tripped to see Rammstein back in July. The Canadians got tastes, but I might credit it to the French. The mounties can have T-Ho’s though.

London, Helsinki, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Marseille: Do you feel that? It’s an earthquake.. of awesome.

In the meantime, tuning back into the People’s Republic.

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  1. l'erique 23. Sep, 2010 at 1:32 am #

    HERESY! Nothing beats the Bread Pudding Souffle! The whiskey cream, the crispy outside, the moist inside, the airy eggy top, the succulent symphony of it all coming together in your mouth in an explosion the pops your eyes out yo head. Goddamn, woman! I want it now…

  2. Jenny 24. Sep, 2010 at 4:23 am #

    It is indeed very good. Maybe they should do it with a dark chocolate version. Oooh, that would be wonderful.

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