One small step into a tea farm,

One giant leap into an exciting future for green teas.

What I love about green tea is the vegetal flavor, the minimal to none processing,  the sparkling clearness of the liquor, the low caffeine content and the calming effect from the theanine. Now that the days are getting colder, the heat from a glass of hot tea warms my fingertips in a very pleasant way. Other than water, it is the only thing that I drink daily.

Tea tasting in Dengcun

Tea tasting in Dengcun Lv Cha Factory, trying to figure out the best teas for Rocky Mountains Tea Co.!

Tea passages

Frolicking about the tea bushes. These are largely spring harvests, and will remain untouched and dormant until next year.

(More photos and tea-venturing on Flickr)

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