Social Networking in China

Many of my American comrades and myself included were appalled when we found that we could not access facebook, twitter, and the likes behind the Great Firewall of China. I mean, seriously, how cruel are the censorship enforcers of this country? Why would they ever prevent the innocent social interactions of people across insurmountable distances? Must I wither my time in Asia away, separated from the comforting majestic bosoms of my other mother land, suffocated by a bastion of loneliness, because I cannot easily scrawl a fleetingly inspired opus on my besties’ face… book?

Random chat with Harbin stranger about Chinese business atmosphere

But my friends, I have discovered that in lieu of facebook, China has QQ, which is something like a cross between gmail, MSN, twitter, farmville, etc. where I can make and add my new Chinese friends and build simulation farm property.

I might have Chinese friends, y’all.

And in lieu of Google, China has Baidu.

It’s a whole new digital world out here.

Of course during this time, my leet hacker skills have not been idle and I have used my cyber savvy to penetrate the Internet Blockade to access the aforementioned forbidden URLs, but dude, who needs that when I can Perapera-kun my way through random Chinese chats and Chinese search results to Chinese fluency.

(Seriously, download that Firefox add-on. Then you can make sense of my random Chinese insertions like you native or something. 白人都看得懂!)

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