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Middle America: BK

Middle America: gastronomic wasteland?

There is no diversity in Middle America.  None that the naked eye can see. It’s flat plains of corn and wheat and fields of short chunky grass mowed by cattle for miles. Then mountains for miles. But when you get up close, really close, then huge expanses of hot springs brilliantly colored by thermophytes emerge. [...]

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Nola: Flight

New Orleans, 20 pounds later.

On our trip to New Orleans in August (part 1 here), I think that I was rendered incapable of eating anything with excess sodium and fat for a long time. To this date, my diet still consists of 70% vegetables. Not including ketchup as a vegetable. Commander’s Palace Eric and I each had a “Congratulations” [...]

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Nanjing: mooncakes

Happy Autumn Moon Festival: Mooncakes and corruption

These few days in Nanjing have been sickly humid and about 30 C, as is typical of these coastal Asian cities. Today, with the luck of the Autumn Moon festival, the temperature is a brisk, cool foreshadow of colder days to come. The mooncake market is for a large part a vehicle for corruption. Under [...]

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N’awlins: Domilise’s Shrimp Po’boy, fully dressed short of hot sauce

N’awlins: the po’ boy edition

Taking a brief step back from the Orients, across cultures, back to August 15th, down a river, into a bayou. New Orleans is a smooth operator that seduces you with its music and Cajun food, and so the strings of my heart were tugged and played in such a way that I strongly considered giving [...]

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Helmand: Pumpkin Kaddo

Be still my heart

On Eric’s visit last weekend, we ate up Boston. Ate it all up. The experience was akin to those multiple orgasms that leaves you dizzy from all the blood rushing away from the brain towards more sensual organs, like the stomach. I want to go back to languishing at: Orinoco in Brookline (Venezuelan), Helmand in [...]

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Armaggedon Burger

Thursday in the Heights: The Armaggedon Burger

The Armageddon Burger By Jenny Liu Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 It is your last meal on earth. In these hours of armageddon, what will you eat? I contemplated this for a while, and after toying with the concept of combining filet mignon, foie gras, and caviar into one expensive last stand, I instead determined [...]

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Mac and Cheese takedown taken-down

Cooked, went, distributed, and conquered the Mac and Cheese takedown today (Nov. 15) at Great Scott, and here’s a one giant, self-congratulatory, spoiler about the conclusion: My Mac and Cheese-hurriedly-entitled, “Jenny’s Mac and Cheese: Asian invasion,” won 2nd place people’s choice!!! It was my first time ever entering a food competition (and my fourth time [...]

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Throwing it down

November 15th, this weekend, I, along with other food-loving Bostonians, will be at the Great Scott (@ Harvard Ave.,) to parlay our culinary skills and pride into a Macaroni and Cheese steel-cage death match. $10 for all you can eat cheesy, buttery, crunchy, creamy, and whatever wizardry the lovable Mac can be interpreted into. Don’t [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Snake Bites

Snake Bites By: Jenny Liu Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009 In Halloweens previous, I had roped my friends into going trick-or-treating with me. But after several embarrassing encounters, wherein the candy-dispensing parents would slyly ask us, “So how old are you all?” I decided to find other ways to fulfill the needs of my inner [...]

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Godzilla burgers

The Whopper has a special place in my heart. Despite being extremely handicapped in terms of quality and flavor (unless you count the flavor of Heinz, the perennial hallmark of all fast food burgers,) the Burger King Whopper represents my Saturdays between the age of 11 and 14, where my father would futilely educate me [...]

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