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Rui’an: Xiao Peng’s little one

Final dispatches from Rui’an

Food in Rui’an had its ups and downs. Wenzhou does not have a distinct cuisine of its own (unlike Sichuan, Canton, etc.) and all the restaurants and grub shacks (where we ate for the most part) are operated by out-of-towners, who brought with them their cuisine and old school culinary know-how. On a sadder note. [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Curry in a hurry

Spicy curry with Jenny Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 In the vein of last week’s review of New Rod Dee’s remarkably delicious Thai food, I investigated how to make curry in less time than it takes to order it from a restaurant and have it delivered to you. For those of you who are subscribers [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Tasting El Salvador

By Jenny Liu Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 I am walking into Arbol del Dios, past a gallery devoted to El Salvador’s most celebrated resident artist, Fernando Llort. My mind absorbs the bright colors and bold outlines from my peripherals, but my feet keep me moving past the paintings, scenes of village life, courtyard, and [...]

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One foodie's wishlist

Jura-Capresso ® Electric Kettle More agonizingly dull than watching paint dry is watching water boil. Now, a quicker solution. Bodum New Kenya 12-Ounce Coffee Press, Black To encourage my caffeine addiction. Wüsthof Classic 6-Inch Cook’s Knife So I won’t messily hurt myself with the dull blade I’ve been using. Mess. Don’t want. Pink Rolling pin [...]

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Anxiety Baking

(Delicious) Apricot-Oatmeal Bar Crunchy, buttery, gooey reminder of summer all packed into self-defined bite size. For lovers of crusts, the slight tang of apricot, and those who are procrastinating on doing anything but what they’re supposed to, this apricot-oatmeal bar is quick and guiltless until you realize that half of it is gone; but by [...]

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Mac and Cheese takedown taken-down

Cooked, went, distributed, and conquered the Mac and Cheese takedown today (Nov. 15) at Great Scott, and here’s a one giant, self-congratulatory, spoiler about the conclusion: My Mac and Cheese-hurriedly-entitled, “Jenny’s Mac and Cheese: Asian invasion,” won 2nd place people’s choice!!! It was my first time ever entering a food competition (and my fourth time [...]

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Throwing it down

November 15th, this weekend, I, along with other food-loving Bostonians, will be at the Great Scott (@ Harvard Ave.,) to parlay our culinary skills and pride into a Macaroni and Cheese steel-cage death match. $10 for all you can eat cheesy, buttery, crunchy, creamy, and whatever wizardry the lovable Mac can be interpreted into. Don’t [...]

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Thursday in the Heights: Snake Bites

Snake Bites By: Jenny Liu Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009 In Halloweens previous, I had roped my friends into going trick-or-treating with me. But after several embarrassing encounters, wherein the candy-dispensing parents would slyly ask us, “So how old are you all?” I decided to find other ways to fulfill the needs of my inner [...]

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Cooking style: The lazy chef

Cooking style: The lazy chef

The extent of my culinary training is eating a lot, occasionally watching my mother cook (in a peripheral, attention-deficit way– mentally wandering far from the preparations happening before my unfocused eyes), and indulging in a little baking thrice a year (on a good year.) Professional cooking: the balletic dicing of peppers, filleting of a sea [...]

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The new chicken of the sea

The heartbreaking pain of leaving the glorious metropolis of Tokyo after 300 days of whirlwind excitement for the humble town of New York City (I jest, I love being caressed in your gritty, yet ample bosom, NY, mi amore) is completely assuaged by the excitement of POSITIVE things that the recession has triggered. Mainly two: [...]

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