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N’awlins: Domilise’s Shrimp Po’boy, fully dressed short of hot sauce

N’awlins: the po’ boy edition

Taking a brief step back from the Orients, across cultures, back to August 15th, down a river, into a bayou. New Orleans is a smooth operator that seduces you with its music and Cajun food, and so the strings of my heart were tugged and played in such a way that I strongly considered giving [...]

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St. Patty’s Meal: Guinness and Stew

Irish in Boston

I wore green today, but you know, it’s not like I would have punch you in the face if you had not worn red for Chinese New Year. When I experienced my first St. Patrick’s Day in Boston three years ago, Larissa, Eric, and I went into Southie, ducked under the barricades, and as freshmen [...]

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