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Fishing: the final product

From Sea to Plate

Eric, Max, and I boarded Captain Mike’s fishing boat at 8am on Thursday, with 3  six-packs of Honey Moon, Corona, and Sam Adam Summer Ale at Howard Beach, Queens. Our intent: to catch as many fish as we could for dinner that night. This was a real fish party. We also brought along our failed [...]

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Thursdays in the Heights: Kosher eats

While I got an extended weekend for Easter holidays, my break in New York had more Jewish than Catholic undertones– with trips to Zabar, meeting gay Jewish boys named David at the Ritz, and doing absolutely nothing. The morning after a long night, I woke up to Eric making matzo brei with the most gorgeous plating, [...]

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St. Patty’s Meal: Guinness and Stew

Irish in Boston

I wore green today, but you know, it’s not like I would have punch you in the face if you had not worn red for Chinese New Year. When I experienced my first St. Patrick’s Day in Boston three years ago, Larissa, Eric, and I went into Southie, ducked under the barricades, and as freshmen [...]

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Helmand: Pumpkin Kaddo

Be still my heart

On Eric’s visit last weekend, we ate up Boston. Ate it all up. The experience was akin to those multiple orgasms that leaves you dizzy from all the blood rushing away from the brain towards more sensual organs, like the stomach. I want to go back to languishing at: Orinoco in Brookline (Venezuelan), Helmand in [...]

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St. Marks' love letter

In the brief two weeks flailing about New York City, preceding mi vuelo a Central America, Eric and I did a little, informal St. Marks Roundabout pre- and post- beating our livers into submission at divey LES bars. I made a stylistic choice to bold “St. Marks Roundabout” because it is a noun that denotes [...]

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An empire state of mind

Part two of New York, Je t’aime (Part I here) These are the two places that would be found if I were to dissect the stomach of the greatest city in the world and peer straight into its folds: Sundays are brunch days: chefs with higher culinary aspirations relegated to arranging plates of fruit, yogurt [...]

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New York, Je t'aime

Like the compendium of vignettes in the newly released film, New York, I love you, my eating activities on my weekend back in my beloved town was precisely like that: a little bit downtown and a little bit of uptown. Eric and I started in Tribeca, the old high school ‘hood– walking past Terry’s where [...]

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