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N’awlins: Domilise’s Shrimp Po’boy, fully dressed short of hot sauce

N’awlins: the po’ boy edition

Taking a brief step back from the Orients, across cultures, back to August 15th, down a river, into a bayou. New Orleans is a smooth operator that seduces you with its music and Cajun food, and so the strings of my heart were tugged and played in such a way that I strongly considered giving [...]

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Artisanal Bistro

I was hung over in three different ways. I had also unrepentantly pre-gamed Gray’s Papaya’s infamous juicy hotdogs with all the fixings except for sweet relish. But even so, nothing stopped me from truly enjoying Artisanal Bistro, my first Chef Terrance Brennan dining experience (Picholine, raved about by my dining companion, is his other restaurant [...]

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