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杭州 Chinese man rolls shirt over belly

Work, Perks, and Quirks

The stuff I do in the name of “work.” Let’s start going over big bonuses. As I found out first hand today, there is very little serenity in sitting on a tiny stool, an island within a mega-Walmart in Nanjing, face plastered over with an astringent face mask sans eye-holes, so that the only thing [...]

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Jiao zi; Aug 2009

Thursdays in the Heights: Dumplings with Jenny

Dumplings With Jenny Published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 The Chinese call them “jiao zi,” and the Japanese call them “gyouza.” Boston College Dining might call them “Chinese ravioli,” although that name is a gross mash-up of cultures. I call them delicious. Plump, juicy, and in big bite sizes that ooze with umami, dumplings are the [...]

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