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Nanjing: mooncakes

Happy Autumn Moon Festival: Mooncakes and corruption

These few days in Nanjing have been sickly humid and about 30 C, as is typical of these coastal Asian cities. Today, with the luck of the Autumn Moon festival, the temperature is a brisk, cool foreshadow of colder days to come. The mooncake market is for a large part a vehicle for corruption. Under [...]

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Social Networking in China

Many of my American comrades and myself included were appalled when we found that we could not access facebook, twitter, and the likes behind the Great Firewall of China. I mean, seriously, how cruel are the censorship enforcers of this country? Why would they ever prevent the innocent social interactions of people across insurmountable distances? [...]

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Rui’an: factory boys

The bourgeois life in China

I’m in the little industrial town of Rui’an (瑞安) off the southern coast of China. It’s so small it doesn’t have a KFC. Just a KFC knock-off with a forgettable Chinese name. (KFC acts as the marker of civilization for China, as Starbucks does for America) The knock-off’s menu features some Portuguese egg tarts too, but [...]

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Thailand, the beautiful

Thailand, the beautiful

The night air hangs thick with humidity, pollution, and sin. Fluorescent light from the hawker stands illuminate the narrow, dirty sidewalks of Suhkumvit soi 16. It is the longest road in Bangkok, and more illicit activities are transgressing at any point along this behemoth passageway than any five mile radius in America. Down the street [...]

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Food Porn

… No particular occasion. Click for more, yes, more

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