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Social Networking in China

Many of my American comrades and myself included were appalled when we found that we could not access facebook, twitter, and the likes behind the Great Firewall of China. I mean, seriously, how cruel are the censorship enforcers of this country? Why would they ever prevent the innocent social interactions of people across insurmountable distances? [...]

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Rui’an: Xiao Peng’s little one

Final dispatches from Rui’an

Food in Rui’an had its ups and downs. Wenzhou does not have a distinct cuisine of its own (unlike Sichuan, Canton, etc.) and all the restaurants and grub shacks (where we ate for the most part) are operated by out-of-towners, who brought with them their cuisine and old school culinary know-how. On a sadder note. [...]

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Thailand, the beautiful

Thailand, the beautiful

The night air hangs thick with humidity, pollution, and sin. Fluorescent light from the hawker stands illuminate the narrow, dirty sidewalks of Suhkumvit soi 16. It is the longest road in Bangkok, and more illicit activities are transgressing at any point along this behemoth passageway than any five mile radius in America. Down the street [...]

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Confessions of a hater

While I forget what situation it was in when I encountered this statement that slowly integrated itself into my life philosophy, it redefined my perception of hate and what the word means to me: “People hate the things and attributes that they can also see in themselves.” I can’t help but see how it manifests [...]

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Tokyo reverie

My emotions are so bound up with this city and especially magnified now that I have left it (unavoidable human feelings stemming from retrospectivism and nostalgia.) I feel electrocuted when I see a photo floating out of nowhere on facebook of Heiwadai, the quaint radish-valley where my hovel was; chancing upon a picture in a [...]

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