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I was either busy or dead

I was either busy or dead

…sahhhhry. It’s been a year of experimenting with life after graduation, but there were conclusions drawn that I would so relay to my socially challenged ghost of college past: Eggs are cheap and delicious if you have 0 minutes to be creative about cooking and to free up cash moneys for travel and liquor. There [...]

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Moved to Boston, ate some stuff

The top five things I learned about food this week: 1. Soul Fire BBQ, on Harvard Ave/Beacon Street has All You Can Eat WINGS! on Mondays for 6.99 dolla dolla billz. If Jean-Georges ever have a tabehoudai (食べ放題) of Seared Skate, this is the wings equivalent– mild exaggeration, but they produce just as much happiness [...]

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