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Matcha cookies 抹茶餅乾

Lessons on cultural differences 第一

Edward (my tea party conspirator) and I were having an intense English debate earlier this morning , briefly interrupted by an insight by his  20-years-younger Chinese girlfriend, who bemusedly noted, “One of you start talking before the other ends their sentence. How can you hear what other is saying if you both talk at the [...]

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Nanjing: Xiao Long Bao

No leaf left uneaten

The foot masseuse thought I was preggers the other day. No, I just ate too many buns or something. When eating in China: 1. Warning to dieters: doing business in China always mean endless banquets and working lunches that turn into 10 courses. 2. Try to have 3 spoonfuls max of any given dish. Do [...]

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Ni hao, zhong guo

12 hours in China, and I am already exhausted of Chinese toilets, the unhealthily reliable constant: dirty squatters, urine everywhere and no toilet paper. Even plumbing within private households blows. Strangely, dirty toilets in China smell differently from dirty toilets in America, and I am becoming conditioned to associate this unfamiliar odor to poop. Maybe [...]

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