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New York, Je t'aime

Like the compendium of vignettes in the newly released film, New York, I love you, my eating activities on my weekend back in my beloved town was precisely like that: a little bit downtown and a little bit of uptown. Eric and I started in Tribeca, the old high school ‘hood– walking past Terry’s where [...]

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New New New York Times critic

Clearly I have been hibernation too long from the food corner of the vast ‘net, because October 14th (my last update prior to entering exam purgatory and a cocoon of uni obligations) coincided with the release of Sam Sifton’s first review as the official Restaurant Critic, successor to Frank Bruni. I greet this new guy [...]

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Confessions of a hater

While I forget what situation it was in when I encountered this statement that slowly integrated itself into my life philosophy, it redefined my perception of hate and what the word means to me: “People hate the things and attributes that they can also see in themselves.” I can’t help but see how it manifests [...]

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Tokyo reverie

My emotions are so bound up with this city and especially magnified now that I have left it (unavoidable human feelings stemming from retrospectivism and nostalgia.) I feel electrocuted when I see a photo floating out of nowhere on facebook of Heiwadai, the quaint radish-valley where my hovel was; chancing upon a picture in a [...]

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