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NYC: Columbus Circle

It takes some guts (and stomach) to be a New Yorker

The New York Magazine’s Daily Intel profiles a resident of my beloved city every week and one the survey’s final question is always: What makes someone a New Yorker? My answer: a true New Yorker is someone who, even when physically 180 degree around the world, thinks about what they are going to eat in [...]

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St. Marks' love letter

In the brief two weeks flailing about New York City, preceding mi vuelo a Central America, Eric and I did a little, informal St. Marks Roundabout pre- and post- beating our livers into submission at divey LES bars. I made a stylistic choice to bold “St. Marks Roundabout” because it is a noun that denotes [...]

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An empire state of mind

Part two of New York, Je t’aime (Part I here) These are the two places that would be found if I were to dissect the stomach of the greatest city in the world and peer straight into its folds: Sundays are brunch days: chefs with higher culinary aspirations relegated to arranging plates of fruit, yogurt [...]

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