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I was either busy or dead

I was either busy or dead

…sahhhhry. It’s been a year of experimenting with life after graduation, but there were conclusions drawn that I would so relay to my socially challenged ghost of college past: Eggs are cheap and delicious if you have 0 minutes to be creative about cooking and to free up cash moneys for travel and liquor. There [...]

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Middle America: BK

Middle America: gastronomic wasteland?

There is no diversity in Middle America.  None that the naked eye can see. It’s flat plains of corn and wheat and fields of short chunky grass mowed by cattle for miles. Then mountains for miles. But when you get up close, really close, then huge expanses of hot springs brilliantly colored by thermophytes emerge. [...]

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Rui’an: factory boys

The bourgeois life in China

I’m in the little industrial town of Rui’an (瑞安) off the southern coast of China. It’s so small it doesn’t have a KFC. Just a KFC knock-off with a forgettable Chinese name. (KFC acts as the marker of civilization for China, as Starbucks does for America) The knock-off’s menu features some Portuguese egg tarts too, but [...]

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杭州 Chinese man rolls shirt over belly

Work, Perks, and Quirks

The stuff I do in the name of “work.” Let’s start going over big bonuses. As I found out first hand today, there is very little serenity in sitting on a tiny stool, an island within a mega-Walmart in Nanjing, face plastered over with an astringent face mask sans eye-holes, so that the only thing [...]

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Food Porn

… No particular occasion. Click for more, yes, more

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St. Patty’s Meal: Guinness and Stew

Irish in Boston

I wore green today, but you know, it’s not like I would have punch you in the face if you had not worn red for Chinese New Year. When I experienced my first St. Patrick’s Day in Boston three years ago, Larissa, Eric, and I went into Southie, ducked under the barricades, and as freshmen [...]

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