Throwing it down

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November 15th, this weekend, I, along with other food-loving Bostonians, will be at the Great Scott (@ Harvard Ave.,) to parlay our culinary skills and pride into a Macaroni and Cheese steel-cage death match. $10 for all you can eat cheesy, buttery, crunchy, creamy, and whatever wizardry the lovable Mac can be interpreted into. Don’t worry about dietary efforts– your mind will have already exploded from the sheer magnitude of fulfillment before the fat can make its way to your arteries.

Let me reiterate:

That’s right. This Sunday. My “Mac and Cheese still yet Untitled” will make an appearance. Come and vote for me, lovers!


November 14th addendum:

A visual strip tease of the prep; gearing up for the big day tomorrow-


the financial strains of making three pounds of Mac and Cheese


my eternal servitude to whomever can guess what the secret ingredients are.

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  1. Lisa 12. Nov, 2009 at 3:52 am #

    I vote for you in spirit!!


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