Thursdays in the Heights: Dumplings with Jenny

Dumplings With Jenny

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Published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Chinese call them “jiao zi,” and the Japanese call them “gyouza.” Boston College Dining might call them “Chinese ravioli,” although that name is a gross mash-up of cultures.

I call them delicious.

Plump, juicy, and in big bite sizes that ooze with umami, dumplings are the perfect comfort food that do not leave you feeling overwhelmed by lard and sodium. Once I start eating dumplings, it is very difficult for me to stop as proven by the fact that I devoured a little more than 12 last night — that is, over a quarter pound of pork, chives, and flour. Once the sizzling, hot dumplings were cool enough, my friends and I paused mid-cooking to sling back a few as if we were competing in a food competition, inevitably misjudging and scalding our tongues. It is far too easy to forget physical limitations.

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